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Custom derivatives & conjugates

Our chemists can provide you with custom SiR-derivatives and conjugates. Please contact us.

NEW Dual Colour Imaging: We proudly introduce our new SiR700-probes product line. SiR700 is a new silicon rhodamine based fluorophore with further red shifted absorption and emission. SiR700-probes allow dual colour superresolution (STED & SIM) imaging on live cells together with our established SiR-probes. Our new SiR700-probes targeting actin, microtubules and DNA are far-red/near-infrared emitting, fluorogenic, cell permeable and highly specific.

In addition, we now added the new SiR-fluorophore based probes SiR-lysosome and SiR700-lysosome for live cell imaging of lysosomes.

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Customers from North America (US and CA), please order from our dedicated supplier Cytoskeleton, Inc.

Customers from Europe (without Switzerland), please order from our dedicated supplier tebu-bio

Probes for Bioimaging

SiR700 Based Probes for Dual Colour Imaging

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