New Products!

Discover our new SiR-DNA kit: A far-red, fluorogenic, highly specific and non-toxic stain for DNA in live cells. SiR-DNA outperforms the most commonly used DNA stains in terms of specificity and toxicity. Long-term live cell imaging of DNA can now be performed without phototoxic blue excitation light or worrying about the toxicity of the stain. As all our other probes, SiR-DNA is compatible with superresolution microscopy. Read more about this amazing probe in the recent article in Nature Communications.

Spirochrome also introduces three new SiR-fluorophore derivatives for bioorthogonal click chemistry: SiR-tetrazine, SiR-azide and SiR-alkyne.

Customers from North America (US and CA), please order from our dedicated supplier Cytoskeleton, Inc.

Customers from Europe (without Switzerland), please order from our dedicated supplier tebu-bio.

Please request a quote or place your order/Purchase Order using these guidelines.

Our chemists can provide you with custom SiR-derivatives and conjugates. Please contact us.

Payments are by invoice and bank transfer.  Please inquire for payments with credit cards.

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